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CHF-XM Xenon lamp source

CHF-XM Xenon lamp source
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Research purpose:

Since 2000, more attention has been paid on the research of solar cells. There was a lack of multi-purpose, widely adaptable domestic light source in the early development stage. Based on this, we have developed the CHF series xenon light source, which is now used in over 300 laboratories at home and abroad. In addition to solar cell research, the CHF series xenon light source can also be used in the field of photoelectric responsive device testing, surface photovoltage spectrum, biological illumination, photocatalysis, surface defect analysis and so on.


1. Solar cell IV test
2. Steady-state surface photovoltage spectrometer
3. Photoelectrocatalytic test
4. Quantum efficiency test

Main technical parameters and characteristics:

Have building block structure, flexible and various expansibility as well as applicability. The CHF light source product is designed with unique optical design, and the quality of the light spot can exceed that of the congeneric products, and the light spot is uniform as the solar simulator. The analysis spectrometer (or monochromator), optical fiber or other equipment that requires a point light source input could be connected to the rear-end of the basic output light; In the parallel light output, irradiated photocell, photosensitive materials, photopolymerization and photodecomposition materials, and other samples or equipment that require uniform high power density on a certain area. CHF system can easily transfer point light output and parallel light output. When the light parallelism is not strict, the power density could be adjusted according to the light spot size for a wide range to meet the requirements in different situations.

Technical parameters:

1. Bulb power: 500W Xenon lamp;

2. Current range: 15A-23A;

3. Point light output diameter: 4-6mm;

4. Parallel light output diameter: 50mm;

5. Emission spectral range: 200nm-2500nm;

6. General spectral range: 220nm-1200nm;

7. Parallel light output diameter: 50mm;

8. Parallel light average unevenness: <+-15%

9. Parallel light highest unevenness: <+-5%(For 2*2CM solar cell sample test)

10. Power Zoom: Yes; (Tunable light output round spot size)

 Basic Configuration:

1. Dedicated stable current power supply;

2. Light box and optical convergence system;

3. Pre-installed domestic 500W Xenon light bulb;

4. Operation instruction;

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