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PLS-FX300HU High uniformity integrated xenon light source

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Research purpose:

In the photoelectrochemical experiment, the photoelectrode and the spot of the light source were fixed spatially. Therefore, the nonuniformity of the light intensity may lead to the different performance of the electrode at different position. This would significantly hinder the accuracy of the photoelectric property of the electrode and lead to poor repeatability of experimental results. In this circumstance, special FX300 optical-fibre light source invented by PerfectLight could professionally solve this problem. The FX300 optical-fibre light source is featured by good uniformity, which is similar to solar simulator. The size of the light spot is adjustable according to the measured area of the electrode, thus, energy loss and the effect for the reference electrode could be avoided.

Main technical parameters:

Output light instability


Parallel light spot diameter

10*10mm~40*40mm;(Adjustable with lens)

Irradiance intensity

< 350 mW cm-2

Irradiance nonuniformity

≤ 3%

Long-term instability

< 2%

Spectrum range



Applications: Photoelectrochemical reaction; Quantum efficiency measurement

Standard accessories: special: Stabilized power supply; optical fiber; Lens; 360-degree rotary support frame; Light protective goggles

Optional accessories: Optical filter; Irradiatometer

Read more:

Photoelectrochemical testing system_PEC1000

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