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PLS-AL150/300 Light source with continuously adjustable wavelength

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Research purpose:

In the photocatalytic (photochemical) investigations, photocatalytic reaction occurs at a rather narrow spectral range is expected to be well known by researchers. For a conventional monochromator, the design of monochromatic light is focus on being a signal or a weak excitation source, the output parameters are intend to higher monochromaticity and higher stray light suppression, however, its application in field of photocatalysis is severely limited due to the low output energy.

A continuously adjustable wavelength light source (PLS-AL150300) can achieve a higher output/input energy ratio by increasing the slit width, and the intensity of the monochromatic light could be enhanced from 200~400 μW to dozens of times for millian level, which can satisfy the photocatalytic and incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency (IPCE) measurements.

Main technical parameters and characteristics:
◆Focus: 150mm;
◆F/T: F/2.5;
◆Stray light: 5*10-4;
◆Minimum step: 1nm;
◆Grating category: High quality imported grating;
◆Effective grating area: 45mm*45mm;
◆Number of grating stitches: 2400L;
◆Grating sparkle wavelength: 300nm;
◆Output wavelength range: 200-800nm;
◆Variable slit step; Output bandwidth: 20nm, 10nm, 5nm, 2nm, 1nm;
◆Filter wheel (optional): Eliminate secondary diffraction; Four hole electric filter wheel.


Quantum efficiency measurement, Micro-flow pool reaction, Absorption test, photoelectrochemical cell, etc. (Photocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry)