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PLR-HGPR photocatalytic reaction system at high temperature and high pressure

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Key characteristics

● The differential photocatalytic reaction under high temperature and high pressure with low gas velocity is realized.

● It can be used for differential or integral photochemical reactions of gas-solid phase photocatalysis and liquid-solid phase photocatalysis.

● Gas flow rate can be controlled independently in three ways, using ultra-thick quartz light window, which can be used for photochemical reactions in the full spectrum;

● With two stable valve and two pressure control valve, three inlet can be controlled separately.

Application field ▲ especially applicable ● more applicable can be used

▲ Photodegradation of liquid pollutants (such as dyes, benzene and benzene series) ▲ photocatalytic CO2 reduction

▲ Other High temperature and pressure (light) Chemical Reactions ▲ PEC Photochemistry

● Photocatalytic decomposition of water to produce hydrogen/oxygen

Photodegradation of gas pollutants (such as VOCs, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, etc.)

Photocatalytic quantum efficiency measurement of photosynthesis

[1]Yingying Fan, Dongxue Han, Zhiyong Tang et. al. Selective photocatalytic oxidation of methane by quantum-sized bismuth vanadate. Nature Sustainability 2021.