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Lightcube2.3 Protective box for photocalytic reaction

Product classification:Photochemical reaction tank brand:perfectlight view count:485

Advantages and characteristics:

 Reasonable and optimized space volume. 500 (W) x500 (D) x600(H), nice and neat appearance.
 Modular construction. Feasible installation, the push-pull lift tray structure is original design in photocatalysis field with unrivalled portable operation.
 Compatible with all the current light source varieties, suitable for dozens of common photochemical experiments (photocatalysis, photosynthesis, photodegradation), compatible with internal and external illumination modes.


Suitable for setting a variety of samples, reactor, magnetic stirrer and other small devices. Suitable for carrying out a variety of experiments, such as organic pollutants degradation, photochemical synthesis, photocatalytic parallel reaction (push-pull stainless steel tray is needed), monomer photocatalytic reaction, high-energy light reaction (cylindrical full-spectrum reflector is needed) and so on.

Standard Configuration:
● Industrial structure design, flexible combination, rapid positioning, and setting experiment equipment in three-dimensional space;
● Compatible with all the light source of Perfectlight, satisfiable for external and internal illumination in the box;
● Four-slide rail structure with a set of (4) low - resistance lifts;
● A scale plate inside the box is feasible for quick leveling and positioning;
● Ventilation fan and ventilation structure are provided;
● Multigroup electrical and gas circuit, water joints are available;
● Different sizes are available to meet different experimental space requirements;
● UV proof observation window;
● Perfect light, water and electric protection function;
● Overall dimensions: 500 (W)×500(D)×600(H).

Optional Configuration:
● Second lift or multiple lifts;
● Push-pull mode stainless steel tray (optional for user);
●Cylindrical full spectral reflector with significantly enhanced light efficiency