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P60-45 P61-45 High airtight double chamber three electrode reactor

Product classification:Hydrogen reactor brand:perfectlight view count:1956

◆Specification Model:

    P61-45 High airtight double chamber three electrode reactor

◆Technical Parameters:

Integral three electrode cover; (Simple connection, high air tightness)

Single reactor volume: 160ml;

Single reactor effective volume is about 90ml;

Quick link beveled flange fixture;

Beveled flange connection, sealed with sealing ring;

Bilateral removable windows;

Proton exchange membrane: 45mm diameter;

Each room has a sampling port;

Used with Labsolar series photocatalytic equipment


Two three electrode reactor cover;

Two glass reactors;

Two sets of P60 chain clip; (including supporting ring and O ring) 

Three sets of P45 chain clip; (including supporting ring and O ring)

Two pieces of P45 light windows;

Two electrode clips (gilt), suitable for working electrode and counter electrode;

Ag/AgCl reference electrode; (standard)

Kafuter 704.