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PFS40A Strong light shutter

Product classification:Photochemical accessories brand:perfectlight view count:680

Design purpose:

In the photoelectrocatalytic experiments, periodic intermittent irradiation of the sample is needed to investigate the effect of the instantaneous switching on and off on the photocurrent. As the short arc xenon light source needs three steps (trigger, ignition, stabilization) to open, and the stabilization time is about  3 ~ 5 minutes after ignition, thus the switch of the xenon lamp cannot be achieved by controlling the power supply. Therefore, it is an optimal choice to add a fast and closed chopper system (shutter) to the light source. At present, the shutter in the conventional experimental light path with weak light source (mW, even μW) and small aperture (20 mm) is not suitable for the photocatalytic light source (light power 50W) in the high temperature and strong light environment. In this circumstance, our company has developed an PFS-40A shutter system featured by large light aperture, special blade cooling structure, which is adapted to high temperature, strong light photocatalytic light source (light power 50 W).

Technical parameters:
1. Timer range: 1s~30min;
2. Hole diameter: Φ40mm;

3. Unique air cooling and heat dissipation structure, endurable to strong light illumination of higher than 100 W;

4. A controller can control two shutters and work independently;

5. Independent setting of light and closing time;

6. Step setting: limited times (max steps 9999), unlimited times;

7. LCD monitors, two shutter operation times display independently;

8. Multi-function supporter, height adjustable;

9. The shutter can be placed in horizontal or vertical with a 360 degree rotation;