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PLS-LD Laser source

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Research purpose:

PLS-LD series light source adopts high-power laser tube and special lens, and has the advantages of evenly round spot, high efficiency, small beam divergence, adjustable divergence angle. The output power can also be adjusted according to the different requirements, which could be designed based on specific use. PLS-LD series lasers adopted high-quality original imported laser diodes, integrated with the high stability power technology, optical development technology and integrated precision temperature control system from Perfectlight. They can steadily work at a suitable temperature with stable wavelength and output power. They also have high reliability, high stability, strong anti-interference, consistency, long life and so on.

Main applications and features:
PLS-LD Light source is special to deeply develop for photocatalytic reaction and photocatalytic quantum efficiency investigation except the common use. In addition, Perfectlight has developed a series of optical components for photocatalytic applications.
◆ Sufficient irradiation energy: PLS-LD has wide applicability, as the light power for the lowest energy model terminal can exceed 100mW, which can afford continuous reaction for major photocatalytic experiments.
◆ The experimental data are widely recognized: The extremely narrow peak half wave bandwidth (2.5nm) is the basic theoretical feature of the calculation for photocatalytic quantum yield, which is better than that of xenon lamp + filter and LED irradiation. The experimental methods and data described in high level academic articles can be widely recognized by using PLS-LD.
◆ Flexible and varied configuration of irradiation: Optical fiber parallel light (pupil=40mm) and diffused light are available, and almost cover the needs for all experimental model;
◆ Multiple wavelengths: 405nm, 447nm, 473nm, 532nm, 635nm, 671 nm. It can meet the needs for current visible photocatalytic experiments, and sufficient to achieve the basic requirements of quantum yield calculation and curve drawing (three-test point line smooth).
◆ Good applications: In addition to the core functions of quantum yield experiment and calculation, it can be used to realize uniform high strength irradiation of the light window with the microplate reactor (Perfectlight), Besides, it is also applicable for many other experimental systems of Perfectlight.