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PL-HV In situ infrared characterization system

Product classification:In situ high vacuum infrared spectroscopy system brand:perfectlight view count:1532

The PL-HV in situ infrared high vacuum system is a special vacuum system designed for the characterization of adsorption infrared spectroscopy and the determination of catalyst acidity. It is equipped with a quartz infrared absorption cell, and can be used with Bruker, Nicolet, PE, Shimadzu, Jasco, Varian\Bio-Rad and other major infrared spectrometer that used for the chemical adsorption determination of carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, methanol, ethanol and other small molecules on the catalyst, and acid site determination of ammonia, pyridine, etc. on the catalyst surface.


System Features:
1. The system is suitable for in situ characterization experiments for most catalysts, the system has a high integrated function;

2. The system was welded with high-quality glass, and free of the impact of metal parts on the adsorption test;

3. The standard infrared in situ cell was made of pure quartz to meet the temperature requirements;

4. High borosilicate glass material can avoid the pollution of probe molecules;

5. In situ cell adopts transmission mode, and the sample can be treated with calcination, flow redox, evacuation degassing, and adsorption reaction. In addition, the sample can be moved in or out of the optical path in the infrared spectrometer at any time, and can also be used in situ characterization and teat with extended pipeline;

6. In the testing process, all samples can simultaneously or separately adsorb or desorb probe molecules;

7. PL-HVI type in situ infrared high vacuum system is combined with mechanical pump and glass four-stage diffusion pump in series, vacuum 10-3 Pa; PL-HVII in situ infrared high vacuum system is combined with mechanical pump and molecular pump in series, vacuum is higher than 10-5 Pa; These two different models can meet requirements of customers with different vacuum, the system pumps fast, and take the advantages of small size, low noise, easy operation;

8. Each part of the valve body is made of high borosilicate glass to meet the requirements of high vacuum, transparent operation, easy debugging;

Technical Parameters:

Vacuum degree: 5*10-3Pa (mechanical pump) or 10-5Pa (turbo pump)

In situ cell maximum operating temperature: 450 °C

System working range: 4000~1200cm-1

Main system components:

Glass vacuum pump series (optional turbo pump)

Digital high vacuum gauge

Quartz infrared cell

Constant temperature infrared heating furnace

Digital temperature controller

Germany Leybold mechanical pump

High borosilicate glass body