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Labsolar-IIIAG On-line photocatalytic analysis system

Product classification:Photodegradation system brand:perfectlight view count:523

Labsolar-IIIAG is a classic product in our company which is popular for many customers. It meets the diverse needs of different customers with excellent performance and smart design. In recent years, we continue to optimize this system based on the original model without increasing the price to cater the increasingly stringent requirements of the experimenter.

Labsolar-IIIAG adopts double seven-pass high vacuum glass valve, dead volume free sampling structure. In addition to the pipeline connected to the chromatography, other pipelines are made of high borosilicate glass, eliminating the experimental error caused by metal adsorption.


Suitable for hydrogen production by water photolysis, oxygen production by water photolysis, atmospheric pressure photocatalytic CO2 reduction and other reactions;

◆Technical Parameters:

1. Vacuum: -0.1MPa; (> 24 H, Dynamic gas-tightness test);

2. Standard curve linear regression: system hydrogen yield 100~400ul, 1ml-10ml, R2>0.9999;

3. Volume of the system cycling section 150mL; (the reactor is excluded)

4. Volume of the quantitative ring 2.2ml;

◆Product features:

1. Double-seven high vacuum valve, dead volume free sampling mechanism; (avoiding mistaken carrier gas pumping)

2. Volume of the system cycling section 150mL (the reactor is excluded), strong system enrich ability;

3. No metal parts in the system cycling pipeline, no wire access, metal adsorption free;

4. High-speed circulatory system: ultra-short system mixing, cycling time, pure magnetic drive; the system must meet the standard of hydrogen device and storage environment in GB4962-2008 or GB4962-1975 of "Hydrogen use safety regulations"; (details in the notes);

5. Porous inlet/outlet sampler with independent intellectual property rights;

6. Silicone tube, good anti-aging and low system shocking;

7. Multi-function quantitative buffer cylinder device; (suitable for system volume calibration and reaction gas such as carbon dioxide storage)

8. System size: stainless steel supporting frame, 65cm(L)*37cm(W)*73cm(H), tunable height;

9. Portable free installation system

◆Main accessories:

1. Stainless steel supporting frame; tunable height

2. Glass pipe system;

3. Vacuum system; (including vacuum pump, pipe, precise digital pressure gauge)

4. Sampling system; (quantitative sampling tube, control panel)

5. Two pieces of flat quartz windows;

6. Standard hydrogen glass reactor; (including reaction liquid constant temperature water jacket)

7. Standard carbon dioxide glass reactor; (including reaction liquid constant temperature water jacket, sampling pad)

8. Spherical condensation system;

9. Three system injection pad; (Agilent original)

10. Sampler with independent intellectual property rights;

11. Multi-function quantitative buffer cylinder device;

12. 100ul, 1ml standard injection lug joint;

13. Toolboxes;

14. Other accessories and so on;