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Labsolar-6a All-glass automatic on-line trace gas analysis system
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Labsolar-6a All-glass automatic on-line trace gas analysis system

Product classification:Photodegradation system brand:perfectlight view count:58153

Research purpose:

a photocatalytic reaction device with extremely high air tightness, completely inert, automated trace gas on-line detection.

System features

Labsolar-6A photocatalytic test device, composed of all-glass high air tightness system (including automatic multi-pass sampling valve, top/side illumination reactor, recycle condensation vacuum, etc.), protection cover, detection control parts and other components; Suitable for photocatalysis, membrane photocatalysis, photoelectrochemical reaction and so on in liquid-solid, gas-solid, gas-liquid-solid and other multi-phase systems at low pressure under certain temperature conditions. Especially suitable for vacuum photochemical reaction test with high air tightness requirements, the system has the following characteristics:

High system airtight performance; Leakage rate is less than 5 × 10-5Pa ? L / s in the glass system, and the glass part is of good stability and reliability.

Multi-valve automatic sampling; Automatic sampling on-line with a multi-pass valve group and testing in the matching chromatography; A multi-valve manifold for convenient operation.

System status is available at any time, Labsolar-6A photocatalytic test device monitors the system reaction pressure, temperature, automatic multi-valve status and so on.

Basic parameters

Vacuum:-0.1MPa; (>24h, Dynamic Gas-tightness Test of Gas Chromatography); Leakage rate < 5×10-5Pa·L/s;

Multi-pass high vacuum valve, no dead volume sampling mechanism; (deny mistaken gas carrier extraction);

Two modes of online automatic control and independent manual control are supported simultaneously;

Standard curve linear regression degree: hydrogen yield 100~400ul, R2>0.9999;

System cycling part volume 80mL; (without reactor)

Quantitative loop volume: 0.1ml; 0.2ml; 0.5ml; 1ml alternative (Customization available).

Multi-pass high vacuum valve, real-time display of valve position while automatic controlling, security protection early warning function.

应用领域: 膜光催化
应用领域: 光降解气体污染物
应用领域: 光热催化(负压常压体系)
应用领域: PEC光电化学
应用领域: 光催化量子效率测量
应用领域: 电化学
应用领域: 光催化CO2还原
应用领域: 光催化全分解水
应用领域: 光催化分解水制氢/氧

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